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FT New Autos plus 2012 Mini Inserts A&G FT
I have added & will continue over the next few days add mini inserts from 2012 Allen & Ginter to my organizer for trade. I am looking for any regular back mini base cards I need to help finish off my set. If you are proposing a trade to me, they will be starred because I have added the ones I need to my want list. I also picked up these autos to trade for my Allen & Ginter needs. I will also consider any relic or auto from Allen & Ginter that I find interesting. Thanks for looking and please check out my organizer.

[Image: AutoLot.jpg]
offer sent
[Image: beckettsig3_zps172d72ff.jpg]
Offer sent! Thank you for your consideration!
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clint, offer accepted.
mikarlo definately wanting to work something out. Let me work on it and see what I can do.

I have added more A&G insert mini cards to my organizer as well.

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