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Finished this GU set+ plz check out the scans...

Finished this GU set+ plz check out the scans...
Believe it or not, the Rose in this set does not have a GU version....

I liked this set and wanted to see it together. Now that I am done, I will probably sell it and finish other products. I know what I have in it and the Bird is the lowest serial # at /49.

Please give YOUR OPINION on how much this set is worth it it sold on ebay or on a forum like this. I am not seeking offers just yet because I am not bored of it at this point. I know the day will come because the set projects never end for me.

[Image: setsokc_0004.jpg]

[Image: setsokc_0005.jpg]

[Image: setsokc_0006.jpg]

[Image: setsokc_0007.jpg]
NO MORE 1993-94 Finest Refractors / THE SET IS COMPLETED!!!

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