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Cards for Trade / Looking for Harper Braun Strasburg and Mccutchen's
Check my Org for new cards
I want to make a trade!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Check me for the Cabrera.
Check me for the Cespedes.

I have a lot of what you are after.

PM me - we can make something happen.
Collecting HOF Vint-Rooks-GU-autos + Musial and other Cardinals

Bucket: http://s1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd387/SchlueterLaw/

[Image: MusialCollageSmall.jpg]
Check me on that darvish
My org is in process of being updated.
PC Guys: Tebow/Tulowitzki
Teams: Rockies/Broncos/Nuggets
If you have something feel free to send open offer or pm me and ill check through my cards.

[Image: image_zps4e5d0b51.jpg]
check me for kemp please
[Image: banner4_zps7ecf2a69.jpg]

also dez bryant,any bama players in bama uni,john parker wilson,jered weaver,matt kemp,topps triple thread stuff,anthony rizzo
can you see if I have anything for this please
2001 Team Topps Legends Enos Slaughter Autograph
Looking for HOF auto's in Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

Always open to trading!

Photo Bucket
Please CMB for these:
2001 Team Topps Legends Enos Slaughter Autograph
2010 Bowman Zack Wheeler Auto
[Image: 1969WorldSeriesTicket.jpg]
I collect 1969 Mets memorabilia and 1960 Topps baseball, nothing else.
My 1969 Mets PC Bucket:
just added some more cards, anybody willing to make trades?

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