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Looking for JETER
I am looking to add to my PC. I am looking for any base, inserts, sn, and if you have an auto Id take that, lol. I am willing to trade autos and gu'ed for large lots. Thank you. Please post here or PM me if you have some for me to look at.
hey buddy. just wondering if youve had a chance to look at our trade lately. thanks!
I collect current Braves and Braves Prospects Autograph, Memorabilia, First Year and Rookie Cards.

Don't Click Here.

[Image: 5WSGR.png]
Check me I have quite a few Jeters as of late.
[Image: Icons-sig-2-1.gif]
I got a few Jeters ill send an offer your way shortly
Always looking for more Dodgers, Raiders, Kobe, and USC Trojans.
Check out my ORG.
To facilitate trading, please mark your wants in the "wants" column and "trade for" column in your Org.

[Image: Henderson-Discussion-Signature.jpg]
check me, i have a ton of jeters
[Image: Gamecock_Banner.jpg]
**If you have under 35 feedback you send first**

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