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Wife and cards?

RE: Wife and cards?
My wife hardly ever says anything about me buying singles as she knows how much I like to add to my PC, and I try to limit myself monthly if possible... She knows it's my only hobby, and I never really get into values or prices paid, because if she ever knew what quite a few of my cards were bought for, she might have a different opinion...Wink overall though she buys herself nice things all the time, and I NEVER complain or bring it up... That seems to work best for me... Compromise you know???

RE: Wife and cards?
My wife doesnt normally care. Then again i dont tell her much i buy. If she knew she may get upset but most money i spend on cards is from other card sales.
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RE: Wife and cards?
(07-22-2012, 10:13 AM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: question for anyone with a wife ????

why is it my wife will get mad if i spend 200.00 on a single card but won't think twice if I spend 250.00+ on several singles? logic is off too me! ...lol
My wife gets mad anytime I buy anything!!! Unless its for her LOL!!!!
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RE: Wife and cards?
My lady supports my hobby. She ignores the PC I built for her though. Heck we've been slowly building a database on her computer so I can track my collection.

Whenever we work extra she makes sure to let me know I have carte blanche to buy whatever.
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