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Your best patches NOT from a rookie year
[Image: 2011Legends1.jpg]

The Bengals are from the pc and others are ones that I have pulled.
Wendy--that Ricky Fins 40 patch is sick!
Always interested in any Wisco alums I don't have.
[Image: banner2_zpsa33ddbe8.jpg]
The Wisconsin Collection
(07-11-2012, 08:38 AM)sconnienation3 Wrote: Wendy--that Ricky Fins 40 patch is sick!
Super sick. Love it!
[Image: UWashBanner2.jpg]
Banner by mattfastiggi
Collecting: Brett Favre (7,771 unique as of 6/1/2015), Packers, UW Huskies (Shaq Thompson, Shelton, Peters, Kikaha, Sankey, ASJ, Trufant, Locker, Brunell, Dillon, etc.)
Here's some I have. Will post a few more later I don't have scanned individually.
[Image: 1fa667f3.jpg]
[Image: 3bf603e6.jpg]
[Image: ed169e2b.jpg]
[Image: b7110b7a.jpg]
Betts Hursh Kimbrel Smile

[Image: bd2740c1-d591-4332-b7b1-0528f205c994_zpsdbff6c02.jpg]

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