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Thinking about sending some things in for grading, is
this months deal pretty good? 20 day service for $7/per?
Take advantage of it while you can, yes its good. Usually a $2 more fee per a card for autographs, just to forewarn you.
Eddie George Super Collector
Yeah its $7 per card plus $2 for autos. Return s/h is a bleep though.
Unique Cards:
Dolphins - 6000+
Marino - 2140
Zach Thomas - 869
Jason Taylor - 749
Lamar Miller - 341
Just make sure you GET INSURANCE!
Might wanna boost it more than what the cards are worth too.
My package got lost in the mail, never made it to Beckett.
All i covered, was a raw card value, I should of covered what they been graded.
(miss my 79 topps & opeechee ozzie smith's, 86-7 fleer James Worthy, and checklist, and the 2 pre-rookie Tebow cards)
I guess the $100 coverage plus s/h ----was barely enough for the losses.
Collecting ROOKIE CARDS 40-60's, 25 Gehrig, fancraze-wagner
sounds like a GREAT deal... I need to get some of mine out... eventually...

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