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Could use some help..

Could use some help..
I am slowly building a Bengals autograph PC.

I have an awesome corner piece: 2011 Playbook Andy Dalton /399
I gave up a lot to get it. I don't suscribe to the OPG, but I have the mag. Playbook isn't listed in my current mag so I don't have an exact value. But my guess is between $100 - $150 based on ebay.

I'm really wanting an A.J Green auto. Green has been harder to come by in my search.

I'm thinking of making the playbook available, but ONLY for an A.J Green AND Andy Dalton auto in return..

Any thoughts would be welcomed..

RE: Could use some help..
Good luck. Are you looking to trade it? If so, you need to list it for trade, then put a scan up here so people can see how nice it is. There are plenty of Bengal fans out there. If you're looking to get 2 higher-ends for it, it probably won't happen cause the Dalton doesn't book for a whole lot and a nice Green and nice Dalton may come in near but probably over the value of the Playbook.

Good luck anyway and get a scan of it here, then maybe try to work with some people. Also, post in the trade forum what you want...
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RE: Could use some help..
Yeah, I've had it for trade before, right now it is in my PC collection in my org. I am just fielding ideas. I just caught wind of the exact value of the Dalton, so that helps a lot. I've hung it out there in the forums before, and there are some takers, but I'm going to be picky about what I get in return. The card is beautiful, but I'm going to display all of my bengals autos in a frame, and the playbook makes it hard to do that...

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