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I Need Piazza!!

RE: I Need Piazza!!
I have a late 90's Skybox Thunder " Dial 1 " insert card from when he was with the Mets I believe. LMK

RE: I Need Piazza!!
(06-19-2012, 10:05 AM)scollignon Wrote: And 86Champs, a great trade in the works. After this one, buddy me and keep me posted with your additions. Byt the end of this week I should be caught up with your 1,200!!!
Awesome trade, sending you a nice little boost to your total cards. You have a lot more non-Piazza (Met cards) I could use so once we both receive our ends of the trade I'll shoot over another one. Thanks again!!!
[Image: fgdfdgdfgdfgdf.jpg]
CARD COUNT: (Met cards - 14880) (Piazza - 1594) (Wright - 706)

RE: I Need Piazza!!
Chevy Man, I need it! I just started a trade with you, check me when you can. Thanks!!

86, your cards will ship out tomorrow. Thanks again!
I collect most Chicago Bears, Adrian Peterson, Jerome Bettis, Devin Thomas, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Mike Piazza. I am always looking for a trade. Let me know what you got!!!

Oh yeah, Bear Down Chicago Bears!!

RE: I Need Piazza!!
Something you might be interested in....

[Image: piazzatagpatch.jpg]

RE: I Need Piazza!!
I've got some Piazza inserts in my org.. I need Canseco off my wantlist in return for them. www.josecansecocollector.com

RE: I Need Piazza!!
(06-17-2012, 10:02 AM)scollignon Wrote: I am at 968 different Piazza cards in my PC. I used to collect him years ago, and decided last year to continue. I want to get to 1,000 and keep going! Who has Piazzas for trade? Initiate a trade, or send me a PM. Thanks!!
i have 2002 upper deck mvp dual dat jersey card and 2005 topps chrome black refractor if you are interested? i think i have pics of both in photobucket


RE: I Need Piazza!!
I got a few listed too
Looking mostly for HOF players.....game used, rc, #D, autos, and mike Schmidt autos and game used

[Image: image_zpsd3640c04.jpg]

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