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Lot of 2012 Topps G/U & Autos FT/FS
Have a few G/U & auto's FS/FT. Looking for Braves cards back.
Autos: Jose Tabata, Chris Coghlan, Alex Cobb, Jason Motte, Jordan Zimmerman, Drew Storen,
Jersey: Vernon Wells, Ryan Zimmerman, Billy Butler, Andrew McCutchen, Ryan Braun
Sorry for quality, Only have phone to take pictures now.
[Image: DSC_0518.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0522.jpg]
Check me for the Motte
Interested in the Motte. After you check emoryb first of course.

[Image: w0C2GAE_zpsd1157c4a.png]
@EMORYB - Didn't see anything but thanks.
@ SPARKS2102 - Open offer sent. Thanks
bump for the afternoon crowds!
please check me for the storen mccutch and tabata
[Image: banner4_zps7ecf2a69.jpg]

also dez bryant,any bama players in bama uni,john parker wilson,jered weaver,matt kemp,topps triple thread stuff,anthony rizzo
I think I have a few of those. Check my trade list.

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