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Im not into PressPass BUT..

Im not into PressPass BUT..
how cool are the press pass showcase cards? i bought 2 boxes for the heck of it(scans will come sometime) and got some cool hits. just wondered others opinions.. might try to do the /299 set or something.
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If you don't have any HIGH end cards, please don't try to acquire one of mine. Thank you.

RE: Im not into PressPass BUT..
Press Pass was my #1 favorite product, and by a wide margin until they lost the collegiate license. Now it's one of my least favorite. I hate the cards where the companies have to photoshop the logos.
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RE: Im not into PressPass BUT..
I Like Press Pass's newer, more high end stuff. But I agree on the licensing, it really takes away from the overall PP brand. Aside from that you can't go wrong with every product hit being an on-card auto, or actual game-used jersey.

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RE: Im not into PressPass BUT..
if Press Pass had licensing, it would be nice stuff...

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