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My past few mail days.

My past few mail days.
A couple of my last few mail days. Sorry for the bad pictures, scanner is broke.

It took me forever to get the base rookie for some reason. I paid more for the base then I did for the Gold snd Black for some reason.
[Image: 53f92b20.jpg]

Finally got the Gold, just need the Black now.
[Image: c0691b8e.jpg]

Black Gold.

[Image: 19339d2c.jpg]

My latest redemption. Only took two weeks from the time I requested it, till it arrived. Wish my Thomas would hurry up and get here.
[Image: 4fffa2ae.jpg]

Thanks for looking
[Image: mAkA0.png]

I work 3rd shift, so it might take a day or two to get back to you. Trades usually don't get mailed out on Tuesdays-Thursdays. Thanks!
My Bucket

RE: My past few mail days.
Very cool pickups!!!

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