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Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap

Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Another good week of mail and some LCS Pickups has come and gone. Here are some scans of the gems that I picked up or pulled. All cards that will be available will be added to the org. today.

Lets start off with some parallels and inserts.

[Image: May202012-3.jpg]
The Ward, Bouchard and Gerbe will all be available FT

[Image: May202012-2.jpg]

and now for some rookies

[Image: May202012-5.jpg]
The Orlov, Klindberg, Johnson and Miele will all be available FT. The Gardnier is a SP rookie out of /99.

[Image: May202012-7.jpg]

[Image: May202012-6.jpg]

and to end the week off some autos and game used

[Image: May202012-4.jpg]

[Image: May202012-1.jpg]

All in all, a very good haul.

Thanks for the look, all comments are welcome as always.

[Image: 35754349162_ed852a8323.jpg]

Bucket: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123198232@N04/albums

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Lots of awesome stuff in there!
[Image: finlandbanner.jpg]
Bucket - http://s251.photobucket.com/albums/gg286/phildonu37/ (I don't update my bucket when stuff is gone)

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
wow very nice mail!

congrats on some great gems

loving the older rookies
using tracking numbers (all US and some Can)

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Nice haul Chris!!! There are some real stellar pickups. Congrats!!!
Current Penguins / Sidney Crosby / Penguins RCs

[Image: 39d17c38-0760-4e5f-8be4-b6c654d92bea_zpsjsqahbfv.jpg]
The mountains are calling and I MUST GO!!!!

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Awesome pickups. I am interested in the following Autos; Schenn, Clarke & Lidstrom.
[Image: scan0004-1-1.jpg] [Image: scan0005-1-1.jpg]
Collecting; Flyers-Red Wings-Brodeur-Cujo-Hasek-Shanahan, 04-05 Franchises Memorabilia

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Great pickups! Congrats!
1. Mike Richter - 475/1641 28%
2. Eric Selleck - 21/30 70% (Incl. 1 Select Cracked Ice Not Listed)
3. Jeff Hoggan - 6/106 6%(Incl. 1 German Printing Plate Not Listed)
4. Guy Fieri - 9/19 47%
5. Sets - Listed in my organize, PC/Set Wants

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
sweet pickups!

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Good looking cards, especially those couple of Flyers.
Collecting all the Ron Hextall Cards especially those
pesky 1 of 1 cards and other low print runs.
I am also collecting Bernie Parent, Pelle Lindbergh,
Antero Niittymaki & other Flyers goalies.

RE: Long Weekend Mail and LCS Recap
Very nice stuff. I like the look of that Elite Signings, would be even better if it was hard-signed.
[Image: BeckettSigChris.jpg]
[Image: BeckettSignatureEDIT.jpg]

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