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Clyde Drexler want list & mail days

RE: Clyde Drexler want list & mail days
Haven't done an update in a while.

Took this one off my want list recently...for a /50 it's impossible to find.
Excluding internationals & oddballs I only need the PMG Green now.

[Image: 528CA71E-7F41-4927-A46A-C749698D97D2_zps1rjiy1zm.jpg]

[Image: 00AEE749-93AA-4902-ABD2-127BBE8B3824_zpshplk8jzv.jpg]

RE: Clyde Drexler want list & mail days
No action for awhile..
Still been nabbing the oddballs that I've been offered.

Will let someone else take a guess at what these are
[Image: CAC15905-AFD1-4E36-9EE5-68F1B4770050_zps0brchptf.jpg][/[URL=http://s183.photobucket.com/user/daleLDGT/media/Clyde%20Drexler/OnlineLinks/742FBEBF-46FB-41B6-96FF-059890B39933_zps0vmdt0bh.jpg.html][Image: 742FBEBF-46FB-41B6-96FF-059890B39933_zps0vmdt0bh.jpg]

RE: Clyde Drexler want list & mail days
i have

1991-92 SkyBox #NNO Clyde Drexler USA/(Send-away)

if you can use it, let me know

RE: Clyde Drexler want list & mail days
No updates for a long time.
The AUD is pretty low at the moment, so only essential international & oddball purchases.

Considering I only collect Clyde Playing years & he retired in 97 everything I need isn't very common.

97 Tops O-Pee-Chee variant - pretty sure it's a Canadian only issue.
[Image: B2BBEC8B-FAAA-445E-936D-22AD3D8CDEB5_zpsdwn5pkqi.jpg]

93-94 UD CC Japanese Gold Signature
Waited a very long time for this...
[Image: 105C59F5-8791-42BA-ABC0-E76FA75785E1_zpsbw6pgbrn.jpg]

[Image: 79001B48-515D-4210-8245-23DAD8933369_zpssreew3zi.jpg]


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