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Panini Playbook Rookie Booklets (Complete)
Man they are SWEET cards!!!
Now up to 20/36 (55%). New pics on the first page. I really hope the redemptions are made because that would suck to put all this work into getting this set and not complete it because Bilal Powell couldn't find the time to sign a few cards.
[Image: joealexander.jpg]
[Image: white.jpg]
The set is now complete minus Julio Jones (Julio is rumored to want too much money to sign, so it may not happen)

35/36 (97.2%) $1165.39 total investment ($33.30 per card avg)
[Image: joealexander.jpg]
[Image: white.jpg]
Awesome dude! Those all look great!
[Image: nthnoak.jpg]

Looking for 49er Autos and Kobe Bryant.

Wow, congratulations on the completion. Looks amazing.
Currently collect: NON-SERIAL NUMBERED autos, Topps, and Topps Chrome cards of players in Bengals uniforms.
Congrats! I agree they look amazing! Playbook is really nice
[Image: 9F306E21-7461-40F2-9F1D-AECEC32DB0F3-305...10b87e.jpg]

Drew Brees
True RC 66/66 (100%)
2001 323/359 (90%) AU - 64 Mem - 76
Total AU - 127

Wow, that looks awesome! Congrats and I hope Mr. Jones becomes less greedy and signs your lat booklet! Good luck!

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