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Panini Playbook Rookie Booklets (Complete)
Great looking set.... best of luck completing it. Ill keep an eye out for ya.
Looking for Hines Ward rookies (that I do not have), low numbered parallels and autos. Also, Bowman Chrome Baseball autos.
I normally send trades on Tuesday's and/or Friday's due to work.

(05-04-2012, 11:31 AM)ejnfl24 Wrote: Kinda jealous your Vincent Brown has more color breaks than mine. Tongue
I'm just surprised there are actually other rookies BESIDES Brown. The only one I have seen is his, and there are like 4 of us that have one.

That is gonna be a sweet set. I look forward to updates.
[Image: sds_zpsc4ba5032.jpg]

You are already missed
great looking set. I can wait to see the complete set.
I'd trade this one for your Von Miller one plus a few other cards...

[Image: PaniniPlaybookChristianPonder.jpg]
anyone else notice that the gates card has a white jersey in it and the picture is of him in a green jersey... and the thomas is a green patch with a white jersey in the picture.... hehe should be a rule that the swatch is the same color as the jersey in the picture.... Smile

PC - Dolphins, Daniel Thomas, Parker, Ajayi, Jordan, Landry & Phins 1/1's
Nice looking cards I bet that Cam set you back a bit
[Image: cbeg-2.jpg]
Chris Henry Collection Items:811/423 MEM:307/152 AUTO:395/175 Ser #'d:711/343 RC:38/37
New update. I now have 17/36 booklets. Unfortunately 9 of the remaining 19 are redemptions.

Georgehenry, the Cam in the most expensive in the set but it is still a fraction of the National Treasures.
[Image: joealexander.jpg]
[Image: white.jpg]
I may have one in my org you need man. Let me know if you need it for your set and we can work something for it. Picture in my buckett.
Amazing looking set! Can't wait to see you finish these up.
I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
[Image: RD1.jpg]
Still working on 2009 Topps Magic Autos
I sell These Booklet Cases with Stand for $15.00 If you want a few on them I can cut you a break.

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