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Take ALL of my Baseball

Take ALL of my Baseball
I have put this thread up in the past and have made some great deals. I haven't followed Baseball in years and I down to maybe 1200 or so cards. Please help!

I collect Football and Boxing cards but I would even trade for baseball serial numbered cards. I don't care who they are, could be $1.00-2.00 serial number cards just take them off my hands.

If you are looking to take my base commons, I'll go 5x in your favor!!!! Pick a team, pick a player, pick a set by all means!!!!

Make open offers.
Currently liquidating 99% of my inventory. Mostly 2019 and 2020 Product! Every team well represented. I prefer to sell but always trade. I collect vintage Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, and Walter Payton. I also collect Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Everyone else is available!!! Wants are marked!

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