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Buying Kentucky Players

Buying Kentucky Players
Hi, I'm a member who hasn't been on the board for years, and want to see what's out there when it comes to UK players. I'm mainly looking for any Jamal Mashburn stuff, but also for any newer things that are reasonably priced. Let me know what you have and what you're looking to get for it and we'll see if we can make a deal.

Always looking for cards of Marlins who won a World Series, especially Josh Beck
ett, and University of Kentucky players, especially Tim Couch and Jamal Mashburn

RE: Buying Kentucky Players
I have 2 john wall rc autos, if your interested let me know
Mainly looking for Kobe..DRose..Brandon Jennings..Demarcus Cousins
[Image: jenningsbanner.jpg]

RE: Buying Kentucky Players
I've got a handful of old school Mashburns, nothing too valuable or noteworthy, except maybe his 97-98 Bowman's Best refractor. Feel free to take a look for any UK players in my org though. Anything I have listed as for trade I would be willing to sell!
I collect Michael Jordan, Mitch Richmond, and Ohio State players (football and basketball) in OSU gear. I strongly prefer 90's-era cards and use newer cards primarily for trade bait!

[Image: buckunteer_edited-2-1.gif]

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