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A really FUN day! Boxes, Show pickups and a Surprise package from Ron!
Sweet breaks......congrats on the sweet favre, still need to get me my first auto of his.....what are you gonna do with the Moore?.....Smile
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Collecting CURRENT Raiders....Carr, Mack, Bo, brown ++
Can you check me for the Heyward auto... thank you.
Looking for Hines Ward rookies (that I do not have), low numbered parallels and autos. Also, Bowman Chrome Baseball autos.
I normally send trades on Tuesday's and/or Friday's due to work.

Pbean - Thanks! Indeed a great break! And to think I didnt wanna do it lol

Rooster - Thanks! You should go to one! They are alot of fun and nothing like getting the cards in hand!

Cyber - Thanks! And sorry the Moore is already sold. If he doesnt pay soon I'll let you know.

Ftball - Its on its way! Well after you PM you address LOL
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
Holy crap Doc, that Favre is killer and a eBay 1/1 that's got $750 written all over it if not more. Congrats my friend.
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Tyson Jackson
Total Cards - 469/638 - 74 %
Autos - 164/249 - 66 %
Mems - 221/280 - 79 %
RC - 38/38 - 100 %
1/1s - 21
Total Tyson Jackson Cards Including Dupes 641
Thank you sir! I hope it can bring that much!
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC

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