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Childhood Collection

Childhood Collection
Greetings from 25,000 feet. I'm on a plane heading back to the Midwest for the remainder of the week. One of my stops will be at my parents house where my childhood collection is (at least I hope it still is).

I've only been back into the hobby for a couple months now, and have been dying to see what I have from the old days..... I collected during the early 90's as a kid. To say I'm excited is an understatement. If some are worthy I'll post some scans later.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? The old shoe box in a closet at your mom's house.... What did you discover?
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RE: Childhood Collection
i have a few posts of stuff i collected as a kid that I've been slowly bringing out of the attic Smile

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RE: Childhood Collection
I found a bunch too alot of great rookie cards ......Good luck hope they are still there ...Show us some goodies...Check out phins stuff he had some great finds in the attic

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