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Help identifying card

Help identifying card
Anyone know anything besides the obvious about this card? I can't seem to find a 'Premiere Club' parallel or insert based on the 97 Score Team Set cards. Sweet looking card. Anyone know print runs/odds? Or where I can find this in the guide?

Thanks for any help.

[Image: SparksPremiereClub.jpg]

RE: Help identifying card
I believe it is from the 1997 Score Giants Platinum Team. Each team I believed had their own specific set of 15 cards

Eddie George Super Collector

RE: Help identifying card
Yeah, I had thought maybe it was just mis-identified in the catalog as 'Platinum Team' as well, but that's not the case. The platinum team cards look completely different than this, and even say "Platinum Team" on them. This one clearly says "Premiere Club". It's very odd. They don't seem to be listed.

Still hoping to find more information on this card. Anyone?

RE: Help identifying card
ZeroDave is correct where the card comes from. Score did regional sets in football, hockey and baseball that year and there were 2 parallels besides the base cards being slightly different. The Platinum Teams that are listed were the easier to find parallel. The Premier Club which you have is the much rarer version. Those were found maybe 1 per every few boxes I believe. Nice card!
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