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Trade Thread! Scans
Looking to trade these for Joe Mauer, Denard Span, Ben Revere, retired Twins GUs/AUs, or 2011 Heritage needs. I'd consider other offers as well but those listed come first. Over the coming weekend I will be adding refractors to my org as well, and if time allows I may start adding base and inserts

[Image: 3-23-201260716PM.jpg]
[Image: 3-23-201260756PM.jpg]
[Image: 3-23-201260847PM.jpg]
[Image: 3-23-201260900PM.jpg]
[Image: 3-30-2012113411PM.jpg]
[Image: 2013%20Ginter%20Signature_zpsraq8vd9t.jpg]
im interested in the melky auto and Bumgarner relic......thanks
[Image: 10801621_10152449187751828_1141049448538410951_n.jpg]
I like the Melky auto, I have a Joe Mauer 2012 Heritage Relic and maybe some other stuff. Interested?
Interested in the Robinson and Sutton.
[Image: TotallySports.png]
Collecting Steven Jackson, Sam Bradford, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter,Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw, Rickey Henderson, Kobe Bryant
Interested in the Josh Beckett, Open offer sent
Currently looking for current braves autos for a project

Haves: Heyward, Freeman, Beachy, Delgado, Hanson, Prado

If I didn't send an offer or PM to you I did not see anything that I could use
[Image: 2013%20Ginter%20Signature_zpsraq8vd9t.jpg]
Refractors have been added for trade. I also have a Diamond Anniversary limited factory set for sale at $35 shipped
[Image: 2013%20Ginter%20Signature_zpsraq8vd9t.jpg]
Check me for the Hanley and the Robinson retired number...thanks!
(04-07-2012, 03:45 PM)arod0770710 Wrote: Check me for the Hanley and the Robinson retired number...thanks!
I only saw one Mauer GU that I could use and that wouldn't be a big enough trade to complete

[Image: 2013%20Ginter%20Signature_zpsraq8vd9t.jpg]
I'm interested in the Upton. Just now starting to add to my organizer. I will let u know what I have

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