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Whooo......I bet my rookie autograph of his is SKYROCKETING now!.........
Ryan Leaf arrested on burglary and drug charges; posts $76,000 bond

.... and to think there were people out there that wanted him over Peyton!!!
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Sounds like a beautiful comeback story is in the works! Lol
Yea, I dont have a single auto of his, mine is the 1998 Donruss Penpals dual Autograph of him and Peyton /50.
But Im SURE this brings the value down to that just a smidge.

(scratch that, I also have the single Ryan Leaf auto of that same card)
~He really makes us WSU Alum proud!~ (sarcasm)

What a joke. I was starting to believe him a little when he came to Pullman to plug his book (the 1st of 3 books) and was apologizing all over himself. Not again. Nice knowing you Ryan.
The bust got busted. Tongue
(03-31-2012, 03:13 PM)lambeau legend4 Wrote: .... and to think there were people out there that wanted him over Peyton!!!
Just goes to show. NEVER judge a player before they play an NFL game.
I hope Colts fans will think twice about Luck. I was never a fan of drafting QB's so darn high on a draft. Leaf is just one of many FLOP 1st round greats.
Sad story!!! Its hard to watch a guy fail as much as Leaf has. I hope he gets it together before something really bad happens to him.
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(04-01-2012, 05:09 AM)duch2izback Wrote: [Image: RaccoonsinGarbageCan1-1.jpg]
LMAO... now thats good
Looking for Hines Ward rookies (that I do not have), low numbered parallels and autos. Also, Bowman Chrome Baseball autos.
I normally send trades on Tuesday's and/or Friday's due to work.


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