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Beckett Marketplace

Beckett Marketplace
I've seen a few cards in Beckett Marketplace that I'd like to buy.

I live in the UK and I've never used the Marketplace feature on this website before. Is it safe? How does it work exactly? Anyone had any positive or negative experiences of using it?

Thanks for your input!

RE: Beckett Marketplace
I have had nothing but great experiences through Beckett Marketplace. From what I understand there are several sellers that list their stuff on Beckett Marketplace. When you buy, the individual seller ships your card, not Beckett. Like I said, I ahve bought several cards and have had no problems.

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RE: Beckett Marketplace
I have used it before and it worked out well cards were shipped quickly and I got a good deal too.

RE: Beckett Marketplace
I've used it about 5-6 times in the last two months. I like it now... lot better than before. only problem, I see is, you can't see all the cards you are buying.. they use a default picture or no picture... that's the only downfall... but if you are buying a high dollar card.. .it wouldn't hurt to contract the seller directly & ask them for a scan..

in the past, I have had a couple problems.. either card is no longer available, which can happen... since some seller list their cards on multiple websites... so, check all websites for the card.. if you know their ebay id, check to see which site has it for cheaper... I bought a SPA 08-09 Luke Walton Varsity Letter off beckett media for cheaper than what it was listed on ebay.. saved almost $10.

I did receive a few damaged cards in 2007 & 2008.... also had bad, well slow, communication.. when trying to get a refund & send the cards back... I lost shipping charges for sending it back, but it was less than $2. I no longer buy from those sellers... forgot who they are off hand though.. I try to look for seller that I am familiar with..
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RE: Beckett Marketplace
I have used it alot also and have never had a problem with them. The cards always arrive quickly and I have never had a problem with them being damaged.
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RE: Beckett Marketplace
Thanks guys.

I decided to buy 6 cards for a total of $141.

Most of the cards were from big sellers. I couldn't find any of the cards on eBay. I don't know if that means the sellers simply didn't list them there, or if they are no longer available (in which case I'll be annoyed).

Also, I am a bit worried that the cards won't be in good condition since I haven't seen scans. Perhaps I should have contacted the sellers first - I didn't think of that until I saw your messages.

If I receive the cards safely, then I think I'll use the Marketplace function again. I didn't even know about it until today.

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