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Jakelovescards pulls priceless scam

RE: Jakelovescards pulls priceless scam
This is still really strange to me. I've dealt with Derrick in the past and the trades always went very smoothly. We kinda got into it over his Mauer triple auto, but thats besides the point. I've also made a few deals with jake. Both deals went smoothly. I traded him the booklet that he posted last week and a couple of autographed baseballs. He paid with cash through the mail for balls. He was willing to give me a little over a week to ship the balls since I'm at school and don't really have access to boxes to ship the balls in. I am going to mail the baseballs out to him tomorrow. I did send him a PM late last night asking what was going on and if he could please get back to me. I also included that I wouldn't mind getting a PM back from him before I shipped the balls, not that I wasn't going to ship them, but I just wanted to hear what was going on. I did get a reply and it sounded like he was mad at me for stating that I would like a reply before I shipped the baseballs and that he now sees who his true friends are on here. I hope this all gets straightened out for both Derrick and Jake.
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RE: Jakelovescards pulls priceless scam
(03-25-2012, 05:33 PM)talkntribe Wrote: Chances are he left this site. If he didn't respond or reply by now,he isn't going too. Derek, I really hope you do contact the authorites and everything you say you will do on monday because right now, he is prolly calling your bluff man. He prolly thinks this is scare tactics and he isn't falling for it. Truth be told i'm hoping he does pack up and leave. We don't need this crap on here. People should able to make trades with each other without going through a Airport security type check. lol. Everyone deserves a chance. I hope the new guys know that this crap doesn't happen all the time. Its a great community with alot of good guys. Guys who can bicker with one another and may not always see eye to eye but we always stand up and get each others back when needed. Thats how it should be. After seeing this thread and all the people who step forward to show support makes me happy to be here.

For his sake I hope he doesn't think this is a bluff. I have a police report number if he wants to call the bluff he can check that. I also know PayPal has contacted him and a PO investigation has been launched.

Tomorrow the police get the phone number, email address and all the info I have so far as since he is unresponsive it is considered intent to fraud. The law in Cheyenne now get a call. I believe it's gonna get passed to the FBI because it crosses state lines, but hey however he gets caught is fine by me.

Oddly enough the best man in my wedding has been with the FBI for 2 years now. I havent called him cause he doesn't handle this yep stuff but maybe I will. I am sure he knows the right guys.

Guys I wanna add this too.

If your newer to the Beckett community, this is not a common occurrence. I have been here two years and was a member years ago. I have completed over 580 trades on record, and about 100 at my own risk while the site was under maintenance and NEVER have I been burned until now.

DO NOT let this guy scare you off. As you can see we come together and will get this guy. We also have solid moderators who handle issues. PayPal protects our money. This can't stop you or me from trading or we let these guys win.
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RE: Jakelovescards pulls priceless scam
Yea this site is the ONLY one that I use,it's great. Don't let any knuckleheads steer you away. Every trade I've made were with great people,and I've traded with ALOT of yall,so there ya go. haha.
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