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usa gold autos
I have 6 of the 2011 topps chrome usa gold auto. They are not in my org but i wanted to see if anyone here needed them or wanted them before i paid for org. I cant name names or post prices. But just seeing if anyone here was collecting them.
I'd be interested depending on who they are and what you're looking for. PM me.
Trading for cut autos of baseball HOFers, autos of current and future Cleveland Indians (esp. B. Bradley, N. Jones, Kluber, Lindor, Mejia & Zimmer) & autos of Cleveland Browns. Top PC Wants: Brett Favre auto.
I may be interested as well depending who they are
[Image: 9cef0db8.jpg]

Always interested in quality Barnes, Red Sox, and Patriots
Same here...Pm me...and see what we can work out...thanks.

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