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2012 early products...
How do all of you feel about the early 2012 football products? The ones that lack any form of licensing like Leaf, Press Pass and Sage. Do you buy them up or do you wait for Panini and Topps and Upper Deck's NCAA brands?

I don't like to purchase those early brands due to licensing. I was just wondering what you guys thought of them? I used to buy Press Pass and Sage when they had NCAA license. But I tried a couple of packs of Sage last year for boredom sakes and they were so bland without logos. And I didn't even give Press Pass a shot. They looked the same. I guess you can say it bothers me not to see logos on helmets and the cards. I will mainly stick to Panini and Topps because they have NFL license and thats how I like my cards and they would have "true rookies" which is what I shoot for. But i dont mind sprinkling in some Upper Deck because they have fun products and at least NCAA logos.

Just wanted to know your thoughts on those 2012 early products?
i only have 1 leaf card from last year and it was a steal on a cam newton inscribed "10 heisman".. other than that i dont really care to buy those 3 products..ive bought packs at LCS or in past my ex GF has bought packs/boxes of them.
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As long as they are in a college uniform and of a player I collect, I'll buy em. But singles, won't waste my time on those boxes in particular.
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Just my preference but I won't buy unless in nfl jersey with nfl branding. Just my personal preference. Don't like the college stuff or no logo stuff
I like the designs of the 2 Leaf products, but not so much Press Pass, and sage is just awful, might as well be printed on toilet paper.

But I do like the fact that press pass is still on-card autos, and sage does give the chance of a dual auto. I know one thing, though. I cannot wait for this year's draft class cards to come out. I just didn't like any of the sets designs or brand clones that came out this year.
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I've never bought those products and I've never had any interest in buying them. I agree with you, they just look so plain.
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I don't mind the products. I have bought (and like) the Leaf Metal stuff, but I won't ever buy a Press Pass or Safe product until they get their NCAA license back. I won't buy another Upper Deck product, even though they HAVE the NCAA license.
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I don't touch anything without NFL Logos so for me it's licensed sets only.

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