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Toploaders & Sleeves

Toploaders & Sleeves
Hey guys,
Im trying to do my best to organize and preserve my collection, though its probably smaller then alot of others collections (maybe like 50k in football cards) its still a daunting task ahead.

Anyways.....my question is: Where is the best place to buy top loaders and penny sleeves in a large bulk quantity. Right now i can get sleeves at my LCS for about .80 a package, but would like to get some kind of bulk deal of like 5000+ or more. Maybe a thousand or so toploaders. Anyone have any ideas where i can purchase these large of ammounts at a bulk price?

RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
Ebay - you can get deals on toploaders and many come with the sleeves.
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RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
(03-14-2012, 11:04 AM)branesergen Wrote: Ebay - you can get deals on toploaders and many come with the sleeves.
I agree. Also, it wouldnt hurt to message the seller and ask for/haggle a bulk discount. I did that when buying a ton of magnetic cases and the seller knoced $40 off the price and saved me a ton in shipping!
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RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
Give your LCS a chance... Tell them you're looking for a bulk price...
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RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
(03-14-2012, 12:29 PM)jessemerson Wrote: Give your LCS a chance... Tell them you're looking for a bulk price...
Never thought about that. He is pretty easy to deal with on things so i will give that a shot.

RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
There is a place online where for $114 with free shipping you can get 1000 sleeves and 1000 toploaders. One of the better deals I've found so far.
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RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
Found this place on line DAC cardworld that has a case of 10,000 sleeves for $50. That doesnt seem like too bad of a deal. I am going to see what kind of deal i could do at my LCS and maybe i can get something similar, or even if it costs a bit more id save on shipping and it would help him out

RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
If you were close to me I could hook you up but if had to ship its a pain and costs alot ha.
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RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
my lcs has top loaders for 1.25 a pack and sleeves 2 packs for 1.00

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RE: Toploaders & Sleeves
I tried my LCS. They are .99 a pack, but with my discount i get them for about 85. He wouldnt be able to do too much on bulk pricing. So looks like i may end up going the online route

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