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LTTF: Carlos Gonzalez Jersey cards
sent you a PM.
[Image: lincecumbanner.jpg]
(03-16-2012, 11:44 AM)7whodey Wrote: Interested in this? Not GU I know.....Looking for Cincinnati Reds and/or Bengals.

[Image: 2295fe31.jpg]
Nice, but i cant stand redemptions...what kind of value you putting on it?

[Image: arod.gif]
Pulled this one today....Looking for Mattingly (maybe other guys in my sig) in return

eBay 1/1 LOL.....#5/99 (jersey number)

[Image: SCAN0356.jpg]
[Image: banner.png]

*Mattingly PC Featured in BSCM Dec. 2011

Split Household

NY Giants- Manning, Beckham, Cruz, Pierre-Paul

Rays- Kiermaier, Longoria, Souza
Cowboys - Aikman
Bump Up..

Looking for autos too...(no redemptions)

[Image: arod.gif]

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