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First trade thread in a long time

First trade thread in a long time
Have these for sale or for trade. Not looking for anything in particular, just something hat catched my eye and has some upside. I am happy to look through Buckets or Orgs. Please send open offers. Thanks

Will also sell 'em. LMK what you like and I'll price.

[Image: TeheranTCRedAU.jpg][Image: TeheranTCGoldRefAU.jpg][Image: TeheranFinestDieCut.jpg]

[Image: MachadoValiantBlack.jpg][Image: TaillonAFLACAU.jpg]

[Image: c08cc0b1.jpg][Image: HeywardFinestAUEXCH.jpg][Image: Heyward07BCRef.jpg][Image: Heyward11TTTAU.jpg]

[Image: BauerValiantPlayer-1.jpg][Image: PinedaGinterGlossy001.jpg]
(Pineda is serial-numbered #001/999. Bauer limited to 25 copies and sold out quickly on eBay)

Preference will go to those that send open offers. I am heading to my Org now to make sure they're all marked as FT. LMK what you like, thanks
[Image: 1849c983.jpg]

RE: First trade thread in a long time
Offers responded to!

Keep in mind that, unlike some others, I don't trade for the sake of trading, so don't be offended if I dont see a deal. Thanks
[Image: 1849c983.jpg]

RE: First trade thread in a long time
offer on the way
[Image: broockerd_zpsd0d55e86.png]
Kila Ka'aihue 133/138 Non 1/1s (96% complete) 13/64 1/1s (19% complete)
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