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Looking to sell. Base, RC, AU, GU, SN, etc.

Looking to sell. Base, RC, AU, GU, SN, etc.
For This Month Only!!!

Take an extra 33% off of the total sale and any order of $10.00 (after extra discount) will receive free shipping.

Sports Available:




I prefer to trade rather than sell, so please check me for trading first. I don't have any high end stuff. The most expensive card I have available is worth $30. I will only accept PayPal (gifts are preferred, but understand if you would rather not). Every card I have available has a listed sale price and they were just updated today. All cards are currently sleeved. They may be shipped sleeved in top loaders or between fillers (or two top loaders) and more than likely in a team bag. If enough is ordered, they may be shipped in snap boxes and taped on each side to keep them from coming out (I made the mistake of not doing that once). All packages will be shipped with DC and within 3 days of payment.

This is mostly ideal for set collectors, team collectors, people looking for a little bit of trade bait, and others just looking to grab some new cards. I'm not looking to make a major profit, but would like to help people out for cheap as well as get a little profit to feed my addiction. Please take a look at my items for sale and let me know if you see anything.


The only way shipping would not be free for an order over $10.00 is if the price to ship plus packaging is over $10.00. This is possible if a lot of low end cards are bought ($0.01-$0.10), but it is unlikely.

The reason for the three days between payment and shipping is to allow time for scanning. Many cards have already been scanned and put into the system, but many have not been. If any extra time is needed for scanning, you shall be informed.

Please PM me if you have any questions. If you would like scans of the cards before hand, please let me know. Most basketball stuff I have available from 2008-09 SkyBox to today (in Alphabetical order) already has pictures assigned, but some don't and most before that do not.
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RE: Looking to sell. Base, RC, AU, GU, SN, etc.
I regret to not have a PayPal. I checked their site before and already learned something about it but never really decided to apply. Good luck on the sales, Jason!
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I will miss you bbills1999
Where are you XstreamInsanity/Jason?

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