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LCS pickups/opened packs for trade!!
While I was at my LCS I busted a few older packs of Bowman Chrome and some Newer Bowman Chrome and here is what I came up with. All for trade. Thanks for looking

[Image: Image448.jpg]
interested in the hernandez look through my baseball ill trade something for it thanks... didnt see it in your ORg soo i couldnt send open offer to yah
check me on the redemption
Looking for autos of these players as well as established stars and superstars.
[Image: bannerwork.jpg]

Interested in the Hernandez too
Looking for HOF auto's in Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

Always open to trading!

Photo Bucket
Intereste in the hernandez and gary brown
I collect current Braves and Braves Prospects Autograph, Memorabilia, First Year and Rookie Cards.

Don't Click Here.

[Image: 5WSGR.png]

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