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Does anyone know TRAVISTURNER on here? I sent him a card from a trade 3 or 4 weeks ago. I put that he received it, said that he sent it out, but I still have not gotten it. He will not respond to messages, as I have sent many. He gave me a delivery confirmation number, but when I check it, it says that the post office has not picked it up yet. If anyone knows him, can you get him to answer his messages. Otherwise, DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM!!!

Steven Devers

Oh great I just sent him like 100 base cards for free, except he was to pay me the shipping cost when he got it. I haven't hear back from him and I did pm him yesterday. I will try again today and see what happens.

Anyone heard from him yet ? I sent him cards for free but he was supposed to pay my shipping ! I know he got the cards a while back and I still have not heard back from him on my shipping money. I have tried pm and nothing.

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