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Sharks fans, cool patch...

Sharks fans, cool patch...
Heres a nice sharks patch thats about to end. I had it on my watch list and was going to bid on it. it stayed at .99 forever and I thought no one noticed it, but a new guys caught wind and its up to $38... Really nice patch I think. So if ya wanna pay more then $38, have at it...

[Image: hitmanbanner2.jpg]
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RE: Sharks fans, cool patch...
not a bad looking patch if your a sharks fan

RE: Sharks fans, cool patch...
nice card and it went for more then what I would think it would have
using tracking numbers (all US and some Can)

RE: Sharks fans, cool patch...
great patch
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pesky 1 of 1 cards and other low print runs.
I am also collecting Bernie Parent, Pelle Lindbergh,
Antero Niittymaki & other Flyers goalies.

RE: Sharks fans, cool patch...
Cool looking patch!

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