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Motorsports Authentics "toy" NASCAR models?

Motorsports Authentics "toy" NASCAR models?
So I would love (like any NASCAR fan, I assume) to add a bunch of 1/24 scale die cast models to my mancave (in progress). However, the price if fairly prohibitive unless I want to add maybe a car a year. My other two options I'm considering are:

1) Go with the 1/64 or "matchbox car" size models
2) Find a cheaper alternative to the authentic, scale models.

My son has a hard plastic Carl Edwards COT (looks the part, but doesn't have the attention to detail that the diecasts have) and under the car, written very, very small is enscribed "Motorsports Authentics".

Do any of you know about these cars, how available they are, or have ideas as how to put together a nice looking collection on the cheap?

[Image: mP9e9L.png]

RE: Motorsports Authentics "toy" NASCAR models?
I also collect Carl Edwards - I originally was going to go with 1:24, but the cost is just too prohibitive.

My goal was to get one of every paint scheme he has driven (or which they have made a die cast version of), and one of the toughest is the Green Hornet he drove originally (I think it has Jeff Burton's name on it).

I quickly switched to the 1:64 which are easier to display and more affordable. There are some sellers on ebay that have many of them and you can save-a-lot (pun intended) by combining shipping.

I only have 8 right now, and my favorite is the 1:64 version of the car he drove in the Prelude (Aflac modified Dirt car) for Tony's Eldora track.

I kept the Autographed Office Depot 1:24 that my wife got me for Christmas a few years ago, and the 1:24 Sam Bass Christmas scheme one that I got at Rousch Headquarters ($30 on clearance!) 4 years ago.

Not real familiar with Motorsports Authentics, but I know that if you go with 1:24, make sure you educate yourself about the different versions as there are some that should cost about $60 each and others that cost about $15-20 each depending on the quality. I am not sure which are which.

I will try to post a picture later, but the 1:64 I have right now are:

Aflac regular
Aflac Night Scheme (silver)
Aflac Christmas
Office Depot 2005
Office Depot COT
Save-A-Lot NNS regular scheme
iLevel #60 NNS Green
Eldora Prelude to the Dream Aflac Dirt Modified

My next purchase will be the Aflac Monster Truck car (like the one in the commercials a year or two ago) and a Fastenal car.

Also there are the Subway, Cheez-it, Kellogs from last year, and MANY from the NNS cars.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

*2011 Topps Black Diamond Wrapper Redemptions (wants marked in ORG)
*All Carl Edwards Cards I don't have (wants marked in ORG)
*Marcus Thornton, Kevin Johnson (NBA)
*"Air Coryell" San Diego Chargers
[Image: 6802037740_e2e39685ee.jpg]

RE: Motorsports Authentics "toy" NASCAR models?
Hey Ken, thanks for the feedback! I'd love to see some of your pictures. I think my goal would be just even to have one of each of his main sponsors (Home Depot, Scotts, Office Depot, Aflac, Fastenal)...jayski's website does a good job of keeping track of paint schemes and sponsors, but man alive that seems like a lot of work! I'll let you know what I decide. And again, put some pix up when you get a chance!
[Image: mP9e9L.png]

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