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FT: 2012 topps 1987 Mini's

FT: 2012 topps 1987 Mini's
TM-9 Jason Heyward
TM-30 Andre Either x2
TM-1 Ryan Braun
TM-27 Ryan Howard
TM-26 David Wright
TM-23 Dustin Pedroia
TM-37 CC Sabathia
TM-39 Dustin Ackley
TM-12 Shin-Soo Choo
Josh Hamiton
Ian Kinsler
Josh Johnson
Jay Bruce

If you are intersted let me know. I do have more just have to go through a couple boxes to find the rest


1. Nolan Arenado RCs (all colors)

2. Ken Griffey Jr (90s inserts)

3. Bryce Harper RCs (all colors)

4. Mookie Betts

5. Juan Soto

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