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Did you see the end of the CWTS race?

Did you see the end of the CWTS race?
I am not complaining this time. Smile I justed wanted to start off with that.

I didn't get to see most of the race, but I got home in time to see the last 17 laps + the Triple GWC laps (which never got a true checkered flag). What a crazy and spectacular way to start the season. I tuned in just before Paludo went all Danica on the inside wall. Wink
It's still amazing that it happened without any 'help' and that he was just fine afterwards. That race just got more and more crazy. I am not complaining this time b/c everything that happened could have happened the same way without NASCARs new rules. It was just an amazing finish to the race. I have to say 'Congratulations to John King' for winning his 1st Daytona race and for winning in only his 8th start.
Also, Ty Dillon was spectacular in ALMOST completely avoiding all of those wrecks that kept happening right in front of (or right beside of) him. That was some amazing driving to keep from destroying the #3 truck THAT many times. I am glad I got to watch the end of that race b/c it was just so adrenaline-inducing.
How did you all feel about that race?

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