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Alexander Frolov Ultimate Signature auto card
Alexander Frolov Ultimate Signature auto card
OKAY, back in 2006 I opened a LOT of 2006-07 Upper Deck ULTIMATE hockey. I pulled an ULTIMATE SIGNATURES card of ALEXANDER FROLOV. NO WHERE is it priced out. NO WHERE does it show how many there are of this card. Beckett Online price guide has a dash "-" for numbering and "n/a" in the price column. Is there ANYONE out there that can answer the question of the value and possibly how many were done? Udder Deck and Beckett have not helped me todate.


RE: Alexander Frolov Ultimate Signature auto card

First off, probably the wrong thread for this post.....

Second, No need to yell about beckett, they report what they know....and upper deck sometimes does not release print runs on items.

Third, as for price...it is usually what someone will pay for the card if it is listed as N/A...there is not enough data to accurately price the value...Check Ebay and other prices people are selling their cards for from that set.

Also it took me 60 seconds to type "google.com" and "2006-07 Ultimate Frolov" and find your card listed for $25.00 on average.
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RE: Alexander Frolov Ultimate Signature auto card
agree with above

and completed feebay sales will help you in the pricing since no price on the online guide as mention in your post
using tracking numbers (all US and some Can)

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