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Made an account on Panini's site.
Because I won a auction for a redemption.
Entered the code.

So unlike UD. I can't find where my status is on Panini's site. I know it has only been a few days for future reference I would like to know thou...

Oh ok.
Seems I never finished the final step nvm........
And now you get to sit and wait like the rest of us! lol.
Always interested in any Wisco alums I don't have.
[Image: banner2_zpsa33ddbe8.jpg]
The Wisconsin Collection
I am taken back by the fact that they have release two redemption update lists in 8 days! I actually received 2 of my 18 redemptions last week!
Im at 13 months and counting....
Unique Cards:
Dolphins - 6000+
Marino - 2140
Zach Thomas - 869
Jason Taylor - 749
Lamar Miller - 341
I have 22 redemptions and counting as far as panini goes
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I'm not fond of wasting my time with folks who can't bother replying to trades or pms. If I don't reply, you're probably on the ignore list.

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