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Panini Redemption

RE: Panini Redemption
(03-05-2012, 05:47 PM)jdetter23 Wrote: I called the number he posted.She never called me back.
keep callin bro, if she doesnt return ur messages file a BBB complaint, that gets her attention REAL QUICK
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RE: Panini Redemption
(03-05-2012, 02:57 PM)JonnysCards Wrote: Well just wanted to put alittle bit of my frustration with Panini. I got a 10-11 Panini redemption for Elite Black box Triples Signatures rookie John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, and Blake Griffin. Great card huh? Well it'd be even greater if they were gonna act get the card. What would you guys do? I really need in put here. Should I sell the redemption or wait it out? I really want the card, being they are top of my favorite players list. I don't want Panini throwing me some lousy excuse of a replacement of their choosing! I'm so stuck about this and it's driving me crazy! I spend thousands on cards and this is what I and many great card collectors get. So, if you guys could write me something you would do in my case, I've already talked to Panini and left messages with their people idk. I think if those goes sour I will never give Panini another dollar that's a promise.
I would redeem that triple auto black card... don't take anything as replacement.. they're sticker autos (I think) so obtaining the players signatures are not that hard...

Panini, just released Phil Jackson's sticker autos.. got to see if I can grab one up since I just got my money the Navy owed me.. then go car shopping..
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RE: Panini Redemption
@JohnnysCards - I also recommend getting it redeemed. John Wall and Blake Griffin are exclusive to Panini, so there should be no reason why they can't get their AU. I'm not sure if Cousins is though, so maybe he's the holdup. Keep us informed.
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RE: Panini Redemption
(02-14-2012, 05:22 PM)xarzy Wrote: Kobe isnt that much of a risk really. He has stuff signed ALL the time. Try picking up an Amar'e (won't sign for Panini) Stoudemire redemption. THAT will prove how bad panini is. Ive called 4 times in the past week and a half to listen to 'right now we are undergoing a call center upgrade and cannot take your call. Please leave and message and someone will get back to you'
Panini just released there redemption update. Amare had a bunch of cards on there. Hope yours is one of them!

RE: Panini Redemption
(03-07-2012, 05:44 PM)gangstippie Wrote: Panini just released there redemption update. Amare had a bunch of cards on there. Hope yours is one of them!
Wishing you luck!
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RE: Panini Redemption
Update: My package came today. Personally I can't complain about my experience. I don't like redemptions, but this was a smooth process for me. I don't plain on picking up another one unless I find something that I can't pass up.
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RE: Panini Redemption
[quote='jsmouser' pid='1929638' dateline='1330999456']

I, for one, am shocked!

Im guess Im having a little bit of luck with Panini. I got a redemption for 10-11 Elite Black Box Triples Rookies auto. Blake G, John W, and Demarcus Cousins. Well, at first I contacted customer service and kept calling and got the actual head of customer service dept, his name is Jason Harwoth and its act his cell Smile So I left him a few messages and he actually got back to me and told me to email him my card name and description and also gave me Tracy Hackler's email. So I emailed them both and im currently in the process of working out a hopefully huge trade for my card. I told Tracy that I would like a auto jersey or patch from the following players. Kevin Durant, lebron James, John Wall or a combo of the two if the cards were a higher numbered card/cards. I really hope he comes threw. I also got a Hockey redemption in the mail of P.K. Subban and the card was damaged very badly, so Ive been busy sending scans to Tracy also. One question for you guys my card is not priced but I really need your guys thought on a price estimate for my card. 10-11 The Rookies Signatures John Wall, Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins /49 Elite black box sorry haha. But your feedback would be great, I think its worth over 300 but aint to too sure how much more. Thanks guys and good luck with the redemptions. Oh yeah, the Knights Lance official blog for Panini is a good place to ask questions on your redemptions, they will get back to you, it might take a day or so though. Thanks again.

RE: Panini Redemption
You're gonna be outta luck on the LeBron James, he's under contract with Upper Deck. I would request some Durant stuff, he has the strongest market value of the players on your list. I can't give out book values on here, but you're in the right ballpark. Good luck and keep us posted on your redemption.

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