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On second thought...

On second thought...
Belichick urged the defense to lock up Cruz amd make the Giants pass to Manningham...


The 1:30 point is under the U in Sound FX
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You are already missed

RE: On second thought...
I would have too.
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RE: On second thought...
It was definitely the right decision. Mario just stepped up and did what he gets paid to do!
I collect Peyton Manning and Griffey Jr.
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RE: On second thought...
Its hard to defend a perfect pass and catch.
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RE: On second thought...
Way-to-go Manningham make him eat his words!!!

RE: On second thought...
Those words from BelliCHEAT will haunt him for quite some time. Im glad the Michigan man Manningham stepped up!
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I build sets, collect Lou Brock & Jeremy Maclin. Both of my sons went to Kirkwood HS with Jeremy. I will also look at Kurt Warner, Big Ben and Old Big Red Auto's.

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