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Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert
Does anybody really collect him, he's pretty much the only high draft pick rookie that i haven't seen a lot of people wanting. Or is it just me?

RE: Blaine Gabbert
to tell you the truth the only reason i got one was just in case he gets the right wideout next year that's the only reason he wasn't that good. this is what i picked up
[Image: 1011.jpg]
Wants Drew Brees everything
Second colliction Gabbert and all 2011 quarterbacks
[Image: ridley_brees.jpg]
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RE: Blaine Gabbert
Tremendous upside with this guy nice pick up!
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RE: Blaine Gabbert
I'm torn with this guy. Wanna see him do good BUT the one time I watched him play, he looked scared and was afraid to get hit. Hence, bad choices with the ball!!!!!

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