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Pelle Lindbergh weekend pickups (and Eric Wellwood, too)

Pelle Lindbergh weekend pickups (and Eric Wellwood, too)
Saturday's mail came and had two more Pelle Lindbergh cards for me. I also received A Luxury Suite Eric Wellwood and the seller was kind enough to add four other Flyer cards to the package. Shout out to JAKKURT on eBay for the nice extras, including another Wellwood. If any of you can figure out why I like Wellwood, please let me know. The thought to collect him just came over me last year for no apparent reason.

2007-08 In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia Retro Teammates – Silver 3/24 (Nice stitching on the pad)
[Image: 2007-08InTheGameUltimateMemorabiliaRetro...er3-24.jpg]

2007-08 In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia Country Wide – Silver 5/24 (This seam has a huge bump on it that wrinkles the swatch. I think it is kind of cool)
[Image: 2007-08InTheGameUltimateMemorabiliaCount...er5-24.jpg]

2010-11 Panini Luxury Suite Eric Wellwood #212 151/899
[Image: 2010-11PaniniLuxurySuiteEricWellwood212151-899-1.jpg]

2010-11 Panini Score Rookies and Traded Eric Wellwood #623 (the free bonus card!)
[Image: 2010-11PaniniScoreRookiesandTradedEricWellwood623.jpg]

All in all, this has been an amazing week for my re-started Lindbergh collection. I must have added about a dozen Pelle cards just this week.
Collecting all the Ron Hextall Cards especially those
pesky 1 of 1 cards and other low print runs.
I am also collecting Bernie Parent, Pelle Lindbergh,
Antero Niittymaki & other Flyers goalies.

RE: Pelle Lindbergh weekend pickups (and Eric Wellwood, too)
very nice pick ups

I have a single color country wide that I pulled good thing the guy lowball me on it or I would have sold it.. . I am keeping the card for now but your 2 color one is amazing
using tracking numbers (all US and some Can)

RE: Pelle Lindbergh weekend pickups (and Eric Wellwood, too)
I believe I have bought items from that same seller and he included free Avs cards for me as well. Seems like a good seller. Congrats on the nice cards!
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