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Bad eBay Seller... Hockey Cards

RE: Bad eBay Seller... Hockey Cards
(01-30-2012, 10:30 AM)bonnev659 Wrote: call paypal and ebay ASAP and get ready to forward it

and ask about the partial refund.

also where does this guy live? it says on the email saying you won the item
I already have done everything and then some...

I just got a notice saying that he sent the rest of my money, but it is an eCheck. So I have to wait until it clears.

He is from Canada.

I really do not think he was scamming me, but they way he went about it was wrong and now he is getting mad because I am calling him out on it.

I understand people want top dollar for their cards, but sometimes it does not happen and you have to deal with your loss.

Do not lie to someone and then turn around and sell the card for more money...

And then lie some more by saying the card is really damaged and that he refunded me and he can sell the card again.

Give the buyer the option of buying the "damaged" card if that is the truth.

Sorry just rambling...

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