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Neil Walker anyone?
Pulled this orange refractor (# 11/25) from a 2010 Bowman Draft blaster. Up for trade. Looking for Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

[Image: 100_2775.jpg]
Always trading for Barry Larkin.

Will consider trading for other current/past Cincinnati Reds

[Image: Uw7lfAR.jpg]
Vvery cool! Check jimfalbo21 or woodrowsbat
[Image: 3XHoG.png][Image: untitled.png]
Collecting:Andrew McCutchen, Duke Snider & Brooklyn Dodgers
Avatar and Banner: jbel4331
I ship on weekends
(01-25-2012, 08:38 PM)rpspenner Wrote: Vvery cool! Check jimfalbo21 or woodrowsbat
what he said!
Collect Andrew McCutchen, Roberto Clemente and most current/vintage Pirates. Some Braves Dynasty like Maddux, Klesko, Javy & Chipper.

[Image: cutchbanner.jpg]

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