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Hey bud - can you please email me at moderator.beckett@gmail.com

It appears your account was hacked because it was used to spam the boards with those stupid chinese spam ads.

I temporarily suspended the account to stop the spamming, but we'll need to figure out how to get you back in control of the account. I've alerted Beckett people too.

I'm heading home from work shortly - if you're available this evening at any point, let me know in the email and we'll try to set up a time where we can both be logged on.

[Image: ceocards6copy.png]

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Bakerman has contacted me on another site.... I have forwarded him your message.
Trying to finish these sets:
1999 SPX Radiance /100
1997 Upper Deck MVPs Gold /100
2000 Leaf Piece of the Game Preview 4th Down
2008 Premier NFL Equipment /25

Let me know if you have any available.


[Image: ceocards6copy.png]

Click on banner for photobucket link.

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