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Buy Texas Rangers Cards
I have decided to just collect Rangers cards. I use to trade on here under ColtsFanInTexas on here about 6 years ago. I know how it goes- i will send first if we work a deal.

you need to add everything to your org
[Image: thCA4A41M6_zps6c3e4a45.jpg]
I have started adding but it is no where near user friendly. so if he have to use to trade around here prob just stay on the bay then. when i stopped posted on here link to photobucket.
Yea you have to use ORG and i thinks its very user friendly. You search for a card, you add it then you mark it for trade. Gl on the Bay
[Image: n0Ji6.png]
Ok thanks for the help.
You either use the organize or you go elsewhere, pretty much how it works.
check my organize I will sell anything, I know I have a Hope Diamond of Young in there
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