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Championship Predictions

Championship Predictions
49ers vs. Giants

Pats vs. Ravens

Who wins each game? Who becomes the star player(s) in each game? Most importantly, whose rookie cards increase the most...and whose suffer the most?

Being a New Yorker but a Jets fan, (who's ALWAYS wrong), I'll pick the Giants & Patriots...which means a 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl, (and a 3-0 snoozefest with a rerun of the Golden Girls beating out the 4th quarter). In all seriousness, it'll probably be Giants-Pats with Brady avenging his only SB loss.

RE: Championship Predictions
Giants vs Patriots Superbowl
NEED:Tom Brady, Big Ben,P Manning, LUCK,Tannehill RC AUTO contenders for my PC!
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RE: Championship Predictions
I'm going with a 49ers vs Patriots Superbowl

RE: Championship Predictions
It will be ravens against the giants in the super bowl
Cruz cards will go up big time
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RE: Championship Predictions
49ers vs ravens!!

curtis martin

eric bledsoe

RE: Championship Predictions
I think Ravens v Giants - I think Nicks will continue his run in the NFC Championships, but that will end and Manningham will actually be the top WR in the Superbowl. On the other side of the coin, I think Joe Flacco will out gunsling Tom Brady and his critics to get his team to the Superbowl. As far as the Superbowl goes though, I don't really know what to say. Ed Reed REALLY got his butt kicked on a few plays yesterday so who knows what he will be like going into the next few weeks.He is only one player but he is a major force on that defense. My gut tells me that it goes back to the AFC this year by a slim margin and Flacco and Rice cards skyrocket.

RE: Championship Predictions
im biased, but im going with Giants, Pats. the way they lined hernandez up in the backfeild created havoc, trying to put coverage focus on him while also trying to stop his run game. it was sweet Smile Going with Giants because they have a stellar D-Line and Eli is on fire right now. But i guess well know sunday Smile
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Football- Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Bolden

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