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RE: Fake?
Yeah I finally found it.. I had to really squint at them... hush... Tongue
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RE: Fake?
Look under the auto on the the front, it says Topps Certified Autograph Issue. It also has the autograph legalese on the back as well
[Image: 2a1aA.jpg]

RE: Fake?
With the stamped number on the back, it'd be tough to fake it. It really bothers me how many skeptics there are ready to call foul. I'm not naive enough to realize it doesn't happen but really...

RE: Fake?
No doubt - I believe cam signed this and it's a legit card. I just personally believe half of his "certified" autos are fake.
[Image: bbd5_1.jpg][Image: beachebay3-1.jpg]

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