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My friends video- HILARIOUS!

My friends video- HILARIOUS!
I couldnt imbed the video for some reason so just click on the picture and it should play off of my photobucket.

[Image: th_IMG_1003.jpg]
[Image: eazyebanner.jpg]
Collecting ALL 2005 Frank Gore -148/406=36%
Collecting ALL 2006 Vernon davis -129/829=15%
Collecting ALL 2007 Patrick Willis -79/818=9%
Collecting ALL 2005-06 Monta Ellis -86/163=53%

RE: My friends video- HILARIOUS!
It fits so well!! Reminds me of the sexy sax man

RE: My friends video- HILARIOUS!
LOL funny!
Check me out! Updating all the time. Working my ORG daily! Have lots to trade.

Collect Patriots, Texans, Bruins, Texas A&M, UCONN and current project 2011 Certified FOTG /250 set 2011 Playoff Contenders Set


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